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I used a bunch of the herbs Jessica put together for my baby, and for me post partum! They helped so much you have no idea, I had ripped having my daughter and the only thing that soothed it was her post partum bath bomb herb concoction. LOVED IT. Huge lifesaver!
Jasmin Khan
I met with Lindsay and she was able to look at all aspects of our life and how it could be affecting my little ones sleep. She offered such amazing advice. Advice that was not only evidence-based but advice that produces a more natural and gentle feeling in our home.
Crystal Wilson Bradley
My baby boy is 3 days old and last night was the first night that we had a rough night. I got no sleep! Well today I started my placenta capsules and now I feel great! I can't believe the energy it gave me! And how much my mood was lifted by taking them. Thanks SO much Jessica! What an amazing thing!
Chelsea Waters
If not for Lindsay I would have never been successful with breastfeeding my first child. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does!
Courtney McIntosh
Jessica was a rockstar Doula and helped me get educated about the birth I wanted. Lindsay met us at our home. She took the time to go through all the details of our routine with us while making suggestions along the way. These two beautiful women have blessed our lives. Myself, my husband, and my children are grateful for the services they have provided us.
Whitney Woodland Johnson

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